State Of The Art Technology

We are very proud to offer the latest in dental technology available today !


-- 100% all digital Dexis X-rays.

   Benefits: - Significant reduction in radiation to our patients

                  - Fast...... instantaneous visualization of the x-ray

                  - High resolution images

                  - More comfortable then conventional film x-rays


-- 100% computer administered local anesthesia!    No more painful pressure induced injections administered by the dentist. 

                  -  Our numbing technique is the newest and most advanced in the industry and allows the local anesthetic to be administered in a slow drip so that it is imperceptible by our patients! 

                  - We no longer have to wait 15-20 minutes as the onset is instantaneous.

                  - Fewer areas of the mouth become numb as a side effect (ie tongue, lips, cheek)

                  - Our patients are amazed, procedure after procedure, and cannot believe an injection was even given!



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