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I write in appreciation of Dr. Alter to whom my wife and I have been going for many years. He is the finest dentist I have been to. He is gentle, conservative in his treatments and technically brilliant. Where necessary, he refers patients to a great network of other dentists for specialty work. He often contacts me to see how problem teeth are getting along which shows how much he cares for his patients. He is very funny and interesting which makes visits a double pleasure!

Garth S.

“As a terrified product of the worst of British dentistry I first went to Steve in the mid 80's. Nobody else has touched my teeth since ... nor will they. He completely cured me of my fear of dentists - and I still have most of my teeth! I can think of no better endorsement.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

August 30, 2011

First hired Steven as my Dentist in 1986

Simon Poulton

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Alter for more than 10 years and we absolutely love him!

Over the years we have visited Dr. Alter for everything from routine cleanings to root canals and his treatment and care have been first rate. Dr. Alter's friendly, personable nature puts you right at ease and his expertise and skill assure you that you are in great hands. He takes a genuine interest, taking the time to listen and talk with us: he has even called me over the weekend to check up on me after a procedure. We appreciate that he takes a conservative approach, always suggesting the least invasive procedure, but talking through all our options with us. His technique is painless. Dr Alter has created an environment where his high standards, deep commitment, and wonderfully positive attitude make a visit to him an enjoyable experience.

We are both so thankful to have found such an excellent dentist in Dr. Alter.

Lisa R. , patient since 2001

Fifteen years ago I stepped into Dr Alter's office a bit worried about my visit.

I hadn't been to the dentist in twelve years and I was ready for a long lecture and a painful session. I had neither. Dr Alter's approach was gentle and his encouragement genuine. His lack of admonishment despite my obvious neglect, his eagerness to share knowledge about new dental hygiene products that might help me improve my habits, and his incredibly patient and easy-going manner all combined to make it very easy for me to not only set up my next appointment but to keep it—and to keep all my subsequent biannual checkups.

I look forward to my visits and am much happier when I see my smile in my bathroom mirror.

-- Nina Z.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Alter’s for almost a quarter of a century, so speaking of my experience involves speaking of a lot of dentistry. Dr. Alter has always been a skilled technician, who comforted me with a ‘gentle-touch.’ Moreover, his method of explaining the proposed treatment step-by-step, and doing periodic “R-U-OK’ checks, have been a particularly welcomed relief to someone who is extremely pain-averse. I have also found his treatment room atmosphere to be serene...with classical musical waxing against my mounting treatment anxiety. To quote the Greek Philosopher, Seneca,...’People pay the doctor for his trouble; for his kindness they still remain in his debt.’”

Melbourne N. , patient since 1986

I have been a patient in Dr. Alter's practice for 26 years. Prior to becoming a patient of his I had been to several other dentists in New York City with great disappointment. Either they were very painful or the quality of the work was bad or both.

It is with sincere gratitude that I can say, after 26 years, I am so happy I found Dr. Alter!

His caring (and humorous) demeanor, combined with his extremely painless technique makes an appointment with Dr. Alter something I actually look forward to! People at work are always shocked when I leave for an appointment with a smile on my face!

Thank You Dr. Alter for the many years of painless and high quality care!

--Karen C.

I am 12 years old, but unlike most kids my age, I have never feared going to Dr. Alter. He is a very gentle and caring dentist, and has done a great job with my teeth. My teeth have never looked shinier once he has been done cleaning them!

J.A, patient since 2002